Itsumi Skincare: Anti-Clock Series

Itsumi Skincare:
Anti-Clock Series (GIVEAWAY)

Itsumi is a local and home-grown brand incorporated last year in 2017, specializing in botanical skincare products that contribute to skin’s good health with a simple routine. The Itsumi Skincare: Anti-Clock Series was just launched in May 2018.

Itsumi Skincare is founded by three successful entrepreneurs: Addy Lee (Founder & CEO of Monsoon Group, Hair Salon Chain), Pornsak Prajakwit (Singapore TV Host & Co-founder of PORN’s Sexy.Thai.Food Restaurant Chain) and Foo Tuan How (Co-founder of PORN’s Sexy.Thai.Food Restaurant Chain).

You may ask, why did these three men do a business venture into skincare? Well, they have one common aspiration and that is to establish a world class cosmeceutical skincare brand using cutting-edge research and development.

Pornsak Prajakwit

Current Brand Ambassador of Itsumi Skincare: Anti-Clock Series has been using the products since day one of formulating.

For generations, the Prajakwit family has long been firm believers in the healing powers of natural herbs. While studying, Pornsak had the opportunity to travel the world hosting the hit show, Food Source. Through this show, he was able to get and learn first-hand knowledge of different kinds of plants and flowers from local growers. This enhanced his faith and belief in the benefits of products made with natural ingredients.

All these years, Pornsak was not able to find a product in the market that is suitable for his 95 years old father who has sensitive skin. Hence, in order to better care for his father, he decided to create one. Pornsak spent seven years reading and getting a Bachelor Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Pornsak wanted to create a range of effective skincare products that can be used safely by both the young and old. He tapped on the expertise of the growers he met during his time on the Food Source show. After a few years of searching and researching, he came across the Marvel-of-Peru and was immensely amazed by its benefits.

With his traditional Chinese medicine expertise, Pornsak roped in his friends, Addy Lee (who is also the person behind the best-selling Hatsuga Hair products available in Monsoon Hair Salons) and Foo Tuan How (to handle the operations). So what has hair got to do with facial skincare? According to Tuan How, the scalp has the same skin as your face.

With Addy’s knowledge and expertise in producing the Hatsuga Hair products, they applied it to the skincare products they wanted to create. The trio followed the core principles of TCM while working closely with experts in the field. To ensure that their skincare products are of exceptional quality, they tested the products on themselves. After a series of trials, Itsumi Skincare: Anti-Clock Series was born.

Itsumi Skincare is committed to create and produce the best botanical skincare products by working closely with highly experienced dermatologists and chemists. Why they chose botanical (plant-based) is because they do not want to use any animal ingredients of sort like oil or extract in their skincare products. Even organic skincare products may contain animal ingredients. The Itsumi Skincare: Anti-Clock products took 18 months to research, develop & formulate in Italy and manufactured in Malaysia. They have no SLS, Parabens, Silicones and other harmful chemicals and are Alcohol Free.


Itsumi Skincare: Anti-Clock Flower
They’re colourful!

The key ingredient in the products of the Itsumi Skincare: Anti-Clock Series is the Marvel-of-Peru (aka Anti-Clock Flower or Four O’Clock Flower). The Anti-Clock Flower blooms in the evening and is active mostly at night. It is also at night with good rest that our skin recuperates and regenerates. Infusing the Mirabilis Jalapa Callus Extract from the Anti-Clock Flower, the Itsumi Skincare: Anti-Clock products mainly provide hydration (moisture replenishment & retention), whitening and anti-aging.

The Itsumi Skincare: Anti-Clock Series aims to intensify the complexion’s vital renewal cycle. It revives the complexion’s radiance, enhances uniformity of skin colour, stimulates internal metabolic mechanisms, boosts the overall activity of skin cells and reinforces energy production. It also promotes the elimination of toxins and increases micro-circulation in the skin that is needed daily. It can help repair the skin from day time damage and its antioxidants to slow down cell oxidation especially in a tropical country like ours.

Anti-Clock Cleanser

Itsumi Skincare: Anti-Clock Cleanser
150ml – $19.90 (U.P. $29.90)

The Itsumi Skincare: Anti-Clock Cleanser is a light foaming transparent gel that gently clears excess sebum and soothes skin. This non-drying, non-irritating facial cleanser thoroughly cleanses without stripping the skin off its natural oils. The Alcohol Free formula helps to maintain the skin’s moisture, leaving it velvety soft after use.

Itsumi Skincare: Anti-Clock Cleanser Close Up

Anti-Clock Mist Toner

Itsumi Skincare: Anti-Clock Mist Toner
150ml – $34.90 (U.P. $49.90)

Created with a unique Alcohol Free formula, the Itsumi Skincare: Anti-Clock Mist Toner is a transparent liquid that calms, soothes and hydrates the skin, thus improving micro-circulation. Pores get smaller and tighter. Skin colour gradually becomes more seamless to achieve an even skin tone. It also reduces signs of aging, achieving a radiant and healthier look over time.

Itsumi Skincare: Anti-Clock Mist Toner Close Up

I used to wash my face with just a bar of soap. Twice a day. Never heard of “toners” before I came into the industry. . Now, my job requires me to wear makeup almost everyday. After the first few weeks on the job, I started having breakouts. And it was BAD! I guess it was both stress and my terrible skincare routine. . What did I do? I started to pile on extra makeup to mask the acne and excess oil problems. Of cos, things got worse. My skin became more irritable and my complexion was so bad I had to spend even more time concealing all those flaws. . I suffered in silence for months until a dermatologist told me to try using a gentle, soothing toner to remove oil and traces of dirt and grime. . After that, the condition of my skin started to improve visibly. Toners are most helpful and necessary for people with oily or acne-prone skin, or for people who want extra cleansing after wearing makeup or other heavy skin products such as sunscreen. . I really like the #ITSUMI (いつみ) Anti-clock Mist Toner. It is 100% botanical, alcohol-free and packed with anti-irritant protection. This handbag-sized toner is great as an after cleanser. It is also my top choice for a midday freshen up spritz. . ❤️【Link in bio】

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Anti-Clock Face & Eye Gel Cream

Itsumi Skincare: Anti-Clock Face & Eye Gel Cream
50ml – $48.90 (U.P. $69.90)

The Itsumi Skincare: Anti-Clock Face & Eye Gel Cream is their star product and is also my favourite product in the Itsumi Skincare: Anti-Clock Series. This non-greasy, lightweight, water-based and transparent gel-like Itsumi Skincare: Anti-Clock Face & Eye Gel Cream intensely hydrates and conditions the skin. The essence is easily absorbed. The Four O’Clock Flower Extract activates the reversal of skin discolouration and enhances even skin tone for a noticeably luminous complexion. My skin really feels wrapped in feather-like softness and smoothness after every use, allowing you to wake up to beautiful skin every day.

Itsumi Skincare: Anti-Clock Face & Eye Gel Cream Close Up

Many skincare brands have a face cream product and an eye cream product, they are usually two separate skincare products. The reason why Itsumi Skincare has combined the both is because the formula for both is actually very similar except for the intensity of the essence. Eye creams usually have more intense essences. I feel the Itsumi Skincare: Anti-Clock Face & Eye Gel Cream is good as a face gel cream but I would recommend applying something with more intense essence for the eye area.

I’m not really a fan of complicated skincare routine. So I’m always on the look out for something that delivers results and is absolutely fuss-free. . #ITSUMI (いつみ) #AntiClock Face and Eye Gel Cream is right up my alley. It feels gentle and light on my face. The Gel Cream caresses the delicate areas around my eyes. With all the skin-loving, 100% #Botanical ingredients, I feel that my skin is really glowing from within. It’s like having a full night’s rest bottled in a jar. . Now I won’t have to separately purchase eye creams anymore. This is one of those rare 2-in-1 that works for me. And for a limited time, it’s yours for $48.90 (retail price $69.90). You’d enjoy 50% discount if you get the full set (only on Qoo10). . #ITSUMI (いつみ) just delivered the perfect hydrating, age-defying skincare for both men and women. [Link in bio] . . . . . . . . . . #AntiClock #TurnBackTime #AgeDefying #Hydrating #ForAllSkinTypes #Botanical #sp

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Itsumi 1357 Ritual

Itsumi Skincare has a unique skincare routine known as the Itsumi 1357 Ritual.

1 pump of the Itsumi Skincare: Anti-Clock Cleanser gel is all you need to form a light foam for washing your face. Use it twice a day, in the morning and at night. Lather between palms with warm water. Massage over face, rinse thoroughly and pat skin dry. Avoid contact with eyes.

3 sprays of the Itsumi Skincare: Anti-Clock Mist Toner on your face and neck then pat gently. Avoid contact with eyes. It can be used throughout the day to refresh the skin.

I personally would prefer using a cotton pad to apply the Itsumi Skincare: Anti-Clock Mist Toner instead of just spraying it on because cotton pads are able to wipe away dead skin cells. And I wouldn’t recommend using the Itsumi Skincare: Anti-Clock Mist Toner when you have make up on your face, only on a cleansed face. I feel when you wear make up, the pores are usually open at room temperature. Spraying a toner has a cooling effect that instantly minimizes your pores even with make up on or what if there is dirt in your pores? Then the make up and dirt may get stuck in your pores. I mean this is my theory, I could be wrong.

Itsumi Skincare: Anti-Clock Face & Eye Gel Cream - Itsumi 57 Ritual

Apply and swirl the Itsumi Skincare: Anti-Clock Face & Eye Gel Cream onto 5 spots (forehead, both sides of the cheeks and two points on the chin) on your face or 7 spots if you include both the delicate under eyes area, until it has been completely absorbed. Use it twice a day, in the morning and at night.

There are also areas (not shown in the image above) that I think is also important that you apply the Itsumi Skincare: Anti-Clock Face & Eye Gel Cream to, it’s the nose and the neck. The Itsumi Skincare: Anti-Clock Face & Eye Gel Cream can also be used as a hydrating mask, just apply it generously on your face.

All the products in the Itsumi Skincare: Anti-Clock Series smell pretty nice with a light floral scent and are generally quite gentle and mild. They are suitable for all skin types. Itsumi Skincare: Anti-Clock products have a shelf life of three years but if you use it daily, it would probably only last you six months to a year.

The Itsumi Skincare: Anti-Clock Cleanser, Mist Toner and Face & Eye Gel Cream can only be gotten from Qoo10 at the moment but it will be available soon on Lazada and other marketplaces in China, Cambodia and Vietnam. Itsumi Skincare is also in the midst of getting halal certified for their Itsumi Skincare: Anti-Clock products. When it does, they will also be sold in the Middle Eastern countries.


I have asked Itsumi Skincare for an Itsumi Skincare: Anti-Clock Set (worth $149.70) that includes the Itsumi Skincare: Anti-Clock Cleanser, Mist Toner and Face & Eye Gel Cream for a giveaway for my readers or followers on social media. The contest is on both my Instagram & Facebook page as follow:

#JuneunicornGiveaway x #ItsumiSkincare Itsumi Skincare is a local and home-grown brand founded by three successful entrepreneurs: @PornsakP, @mGroup_AddyLee88 & @FooTuanHow. Find out what i think of their Itsumi Skincare: Anti-Clock Series here: (I’ve included the link in my bio too.) I’m also giving away an Itsumi Skincare: #AntiClock1357 Set (worth $149.70) that includes the #AntiClockCleanser, #AntiClockMistToner and my favorite #AntiClockFaceAndEyeGelCream! How to #WINsg? 1) Like this post. 2) Follow @Juneunicorn & @Itsumi_Skincare on Instagram. 3) Mention 3 friends in the Comment section. One friend per comment. 4) *Bonus* Go to my latest Itsumi Skincare: Anti-Clock Series blogpost, comment there telling me which product in the Itsumi #Skincare: Anti-Clock Series you are most interested to try. *Extra Chance* Go to my Juneunicorn – Caren Foo Facebook page for another chance to #sgWIN. #ContestSG ends next Tuesday, 10 July 2018, 2359pm. *Terms & Conditions apply. This #GiveawaySG is only for those in #Singapore #SingaporeGiveaway. Good Luck! 🙂 #Clozette #Beauty

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